[Insert Activity Here]…and Chill

Hey friends!

I was feeling inspired to create a treehouse in The Sims 4 and it turned out to be a really awesome chill space. It was a really quick build I wanted to share with you, so I present to you the ‘Netflix and Chill Treehouse’

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Since we’re on the theme of ‘___and Chill’. Here is BabyLeGz a couple months ago in his video titled: ‘Agar.io and Chill’

I don’t really know what that means but hey…enjoy!

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YouTubers Life Part 3!

Its a brand new week so as promised here is the next episode of Squanch the girl Plays: YouTubers Life!

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BabyLeGz & Co. on INSTAGRAM!

Hey Guys! Just a quick message to let you know we’ve made an instagram page so you can be super duper connected with our world of friendship and games. Follow us @Babylegzsa where we will be doing giveaways and competitions soon!
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Sims 4 Girly Beach House Build!

Check out Squanch the girl’s newest sims 4 speed build! Please thumbs up and subscribe if you enjoyed through the video links ❤

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YouTubers Life Part #2!


New LP on YouTube!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed we’re big fans of Simulation games. Today we’re treating you to a brand new Let’s Play by Squanch, featuring YouTubers Life! A massively popular ‘youtuber sim’ released earlier this year. Check out the video below!


Squanch has been busy…

Here are the latest Sims 4 build if you haven’t seen ’em yet!  Featuring a Mini Modern Home and a Luxury Forrest Holiday Cabin!