Schedule News

If you haven’t noticed already, we have updated our Twitch stream schedule to something slightly less vague. However I thought I would write a post to all of you, letting you know what to expect and when, so you can get the most out of us as possible!

So we’ll have two streaming slots (All local Cape Town times). Firstly we have our ‘early’ stream from 11am – 2pm where BabyLeGz and I will be playing whatever we fancy (feel free to make suggestions!). It will be pretty casual and chat orientated, so if thats the kind of thing you like watching then come hang out! But if you can’t catch it live due to timezones/IRLthings they’ll always be past broadcast vods available on twitch or youtube.

The second stream slot is from 7pm – 11pm or later. This stream will be focused on BabyLeGz playing DotA2, normally with friends. It’ll entail entertaining banter, MLG plays, and the traditional ceremonial feeds. And of course always they’ll be bonus streams, for example when we have LAN’s, which will just happen whenever so be sure to follow to stay updated!

Lastly I’d like to finish off with a huge thank you to everyone who’s followed, it’s been overwhelmingly positive, we’d never expected to have such a fantastic response from the twitch community, we really appreciate the support. Thanks friends ❤

– Squanch the girl.



Huge Thank You’s!

Isabastion & Lat3 ❤
Thank you so much for your donations, streaming last night was an incredible experience and both of you contributed to that.
Your simple act of kindness has inspired me to wake up earlier, stream for longer and genuinely got me excited for the coming years ahead.
I’m overwhelmed by the dota2 and gaming community as a whole, everyone was friendly, supportive and encouraging.

A special thanks should also go to all the new followers that have joined recently. Our channel has grow exponentially overnight and it’s so encouraging, I hope that we can deliver quality and entertaining gaming for you to enjoy.

Much love ❤


Building a shed – Blog

Currently we’re streaming from our bedroom, a space that can fit a double bed, a desk and not much else. So things are pretty cramped here. We decided to build a shed/office type thing outside that we could stream from. Brilliant idea! we’ve got the supplies, we could build it in a day!  we thought. Nope… 3 weeks of measuring, cutting, drilling, hammering, climbing ladders, gluing, heavy lifting…and messing a lot of things up along the way. I might sound like a baby but building is hard. Respect to all of you who are carpenters/builders (pretty much any trade). It’s so hard to get things right and it takes a lot of skill and patience. Even though Babylegz and I lacked in the skill department we tried our best and I’m really proud of our work!

So I wanted to share some photos of our building process 😀


We’re almost there! yaaay Hopefully today (if not today then definitely before the weekend) so expect a load of content coming your way soon!

As always thankyou so muuch for reading/watching/supporting, hope to see you again 😀

-Spacedlynx ❤

(TheRealBabyLeGz…theBehindTheScenesBabylegs…or idk whatever hahaha)


BabyLeGz has landed on YouTube weweweweweweeee!

We made a youtube account so our streams would be accessible for everyone, all the time, forever! 😀

Subscribe to our twitch channel or YouTube (Or Both!) and stay up to date with broadcasts if you like what you see.  Thank you for watching, hope to see you here again 😀