Hi friends!

BabyLegz & Co. are a team of crazy cats who love gaming based in South Africa.


BabyLeGz, is a (very)long time Dota player and has always had a passion for PC gaming. BabyLeGz a daily streamer and is the main face of BabyLegz & Co.
Check out the stream schedule to see what he’s playing! DotA Buff

UPDATE JUNE 2016: Stream is offline until fibre is installed. We upload at least 2 videos a week to YouTube right now! Sorry 😦 ❤ (Don’t hate us…pls)

Spacedlynx (Squanch) or TheRealBabyLegz is the behind the scenes tech guy and BabyLegz’s forever person ❤ (aw). She makes sure everything works, makes graphics, edits videos, updates the blogs, you know the usual stuff. They stream together at scheduled times where they try out a bunch co-op games.  Squanch also loves simulation games and uploads regularly to the BabyLeGz YouTube channel playing The Sims 4 and and bunch of other fun stuff!

They’re just generally happy people who love games. If they sound like people you’d enjoy watching go check them out on twitch! or YouTube! 


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