BabyLeGz Is Recording a New Series!

Hold on to your hats people! BabyLeGz is recording his first series exclusive to the BabyLegs Gaming YouTube channel. We’ll give you a hint on the game… It’s survival genre with a lot of open water and sharks…

Let’s give you a little Babylegs backstory. Have a sat. Grab a snack.

BabyLeGz was born and has pretty much always lived in Cape Town, South Africa.  If you’re not aware Cape Town is also home to a lot of lurking sharks, so you’re taught growing up how to be safe in the sea/while surfing and at the beach. We have “Shark Guards” who sit up on the mountains and look out for the sneaky stalkers and raise an appropriate flag…

Honestly its pretty rare you actually see a shark, I’ve lived here for a year and have yet to see any out in the ocean. BabyLeGz on the other hand, has seen things that can’t be unseen and has a perfectly rational fear of sharks and open water(lol)…so you can imagine how entertaining this is going to be. Get ready to to have some giggles at his expense and enjoy a really awesome game play-through.

The new series is going to debut in the next few days, be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date with new content every week! Thanks Friends ❤

– Squanch the girl


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