Schedule News

If you haven’t noticed already, we have updated our Twitch stream schedule to something slightly less vague. However I thought I would write a post to all of you, letting you know what to expect and when, so you can get the most out of us as possible!

So we’ll have two streaming slots (All local Cape Town times). Firstly we have our ‘early’ stream from 11am – 2pm where BabyLeGz and I will be playing whatever we fancy (feel free to make suggestions!). It will be pretty casual and chat orientated, so if thats the kind of thing you like watching then come hang out! But if you can’t catch it live due to timezones/IRLthings they’ll always be past broadcast vods available on twitch or youtube.

The second stream slot is from 7pm – 11pm or later. This stream will be focused on BabyLeGz playing DotA2, normally with friends. It’ll entail entertaining banter, MLG plays, and the traditional ceremonial feeds. And of course always they’ll be bonus streams, for example when we have LAN’s, which will just happen whenever so be sure to follow to stay updated!

Lastly I’d like to finish off with a huge thank you to everyone who’s followed, it’s been overwhelmingly positive, we’d never expected to have such a fantastic response from the twitch community, we really appreciate the support. Thanks friends ❤

– Squanch the girl.



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