Building a shed – Blog

Currently we’re streaming from our bedroom, a space that can fit a double bed, a desk and not much else. So things are pretty cramped here. We decided to build a shed/office type thing outside that we could stream from. Brilliant idea! we’ve got the supplies, we could build it in a day!  we thought. Nope… 3 weeks of measuring, cutting, drilling, hammering, climbing ladders, gluing, heavy lifting…and messing a lot of things up along the way. I might sound like a baby but building is hard. Respect to all of you who are carpenters/builders (pretty much any trade). It’s so hard to get things right and it takes a lot of skill and patience. Even though Babylegz and I lacked in the skill department we tried our best and I’m really proud of our work!

So I wanted to share some photos of our building process 😀


We’re almost there! yaaay Hopefully today (if not today then definitely before the weekend) so expect a load of content coming your way soon!

As always thankyou so muuch for reading/watching/supporting, hope to see you again 😀

-Spacedlynx ❤

(TheRealBabyLeGz…theBehindTheScenesBabylegs…or idk whatever hahaha)

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